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Gabby Moreno
Amazing experience! I have dealt with acne for about 8-9 years and I was never able to find anything to help. I had all types of acne; cystic, small bumps, white heads and black heads that I could never get rid of. About 5-6 months ago, my skin was at its absolute worst and my face would hurt so much from my cystic acne I would have to take ibuprofen to relive the pain. My sister told me about Chantel’s Instagram and I decided to finally give her a try and it was the best decision of my life! Within 1 weeks my inflammation was going down. By 2 and a half months, my skin was free of cystic acne! Nothing has ever worked for my skin the way Chantel’s products have helped me. Her guidance, support and knowledge helped me tremendously to finally have clear skin. It takes consistency, patients and hard work and if you’re willing to give Chantel your all, you will get the most amazing results. I will always recommend Chantel to everyone I know who struggles with acne and I will continue to use her products forever. Thank you Chantel for saving my skin!!
Ashley B
Clear Skin Program I developed Adult acne at the age of 25. I was so confused and honestly, mortified because I didn’t understand why it started! I tried several different products based on YouTube reviews & online research. After a year of seeing no improvement in my Adult Acne, my esthetician recommended Chantel Marie Skincare. I was hesitant but I wish I started sooner! It would have saved me a ton of money. I followed the Clear Skin Program exactly as she instructed. Chantel is so informative and helped me make daily changes in my diet and makeup routine (I think this really helped speed up my results!) I started seeing results after 3 months and my cystic acne significantly reduced after 1 year. It’s been 2 years now and I barely wear makeup now. I feel so confident in my skin again. Chantel even posted my before & after results on her Instagram! Thank you Chantel for helping me clear my skin!!
Samantha T
Chantel knows her stuff! Chantel helped me finally get clear skin! I have struggled with acne since high school and never knew which direction to go with all the things you hear about in the skin industry. Her program makes it easy and takes out all the guessing! I love all of her products and that I can trust that they won't cause me to break out worse. She has so many helpful tips and is also the sweetest the person!
Chantel’s products are a treat for your skin I first started Chantel’s skincare line on the recommendation of a friend who said she liked the line because it reduced the appearance of large pores. When I got my kit, I went through the ingredients of my old beauty products and found out my moisturizer and cleanser that I was using had skin irritants as the first 2-3 ingredients. I quickly gave those up. Within a week of using Chantel Marie Skincare, I could feel a difference- that my skin was happy, and within a month my skin started to feel softer and not as oily and dry. After a year now, my skin is so smooth and all the little bumps on my cheeks and forehead are gone! I have a lot more confidence and I have skipped wearing makeup a lot because I am happy in my own skin now. I am so glad to have found my holy grail products that make my skin feel so wonderful. 100/100 for Chantel!
I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE I’ve been using Chantel Marie Skincare for about two years now and I can confidently say IT WORKS. Coming from a very acne prone girl who’s tried it all. I’ve gone to dermatologist, been on pills, tried proactive and everything in between.... no results. With Chantel Marie’s products I never get new breakouts and if I stay consistent and follow all the acne safe guidelines my skin clears up! I can definitely notice a difference when I slip up and don’t follow my routine but that just means the products work. I seriously recommend these products every time I get a chance. From one person with acne to another it’s the bomb 💣
Lauren Lee
Client I have been seeing Chantel for facials for a year or more and I must say she is exceptional. My skin has definitely transformed thanks to chantel. She always try’s her best to answer question I have concerning my skin. I’m am honored to call Chante my skin care specialist. If your having skin problems don’t hesitate to see chantel
Finally, a solution! I have gone through so many facewashes, creams, treatments, predications, all high end and drugstore, for 15+ years. Accutane included. And it either didn’t help, or made everything worse. Since working with Chantel, my skin has improved tremendously. It’s soft, smooth, and has never been this clear. I look at my skin the mirror, and smile. I don’t even want to put on makeup because I’m so happy with how my skin has changed. I can see myself using Chantels skin care line for a long, long time. You will not regret working with her and using her products!
Linda Merz
Love my skin! I’ve been a faithful client of Chantel’s for 4 years now. I’ve struggled with acne since I was a teenager. It’s always been a stressful and embarrassing thing to deal with. My skin has been very clear since I’ve been a client of Chantel’s! Her treatments, knowledge, and products are the best!❤️ Thank you so much, Chantel!
Need to try!!!! Chantel skin care totally changed my life! I was so depressed and felt like giving up! I tried everything out there from most home remedies to brand names. Proactive Murad cetaphil nothing worked. Hours on YouTube every night trying to find out the best way to cure my acne! I was hopeless until one day my friend told me about chantel and I just said fuck it I have nothing left to lose! I went in for a facial and my face started clearing up 2-3 days later! I loved it my skin never looked so good! So I had to go back and buy her products. BEST DECISION I’ve ever made! I don’t even wear face make up anymore on a daily basis. She really changed my life and I can’t thank her enough! She’s so sweet and kind hearted she really wants the best for your skin and she makes it happen! So happy I found her! ❤️
Skincare GODDESS I have been using Chantel’s amazing skincare line for a little over a year and my skin has never looked and felt better! I struggled with acne for about two years and had tried everything from proactiv to prescription medications from a dermatologist and nothing ever worked. After my first consultation with Chantel I felt so confident in her skincare line and could not wait to start seeing results. I recommend her to anyone and everyone I possibly can, she’s amazing!! If you struggle with acne please give her a try, I promise you will not regret it!!
Victoria Carozza
Skincare I didn’t have terrible acne before getting on Chantel’s Skincare routine, however I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. I got small patches of cystic acne that was incredibly painful. Even though it wasn’t too noticeable, it still made me embarrassed to go out without a ton of make up to cover it, or at times I wouldn’t want to go out at all. It’s been almost a year since being on Chantel’s routine and I LOVE my skin. Even with minor break outs here and there (from poor nutrition which is my fault 🤦🏻‍♀️) I still love my skin and I go make up free almost every day of the week! Anyone who wants their confidence back and their skin back, needs this program! It’s been a true lifesaver and I’ve even gotten 3 family members to join the routine as well. We ❤️ Chantel Marie Skincare!
Jessica Odom
The only skincare I 100% trust Like many people who struggle with acne, I have tried almost everything in hopes that it would help. And I have wasted so much money before on products and supplements and literally anything and everything you can think of to try to help. I have been using Chantel's products and skincare advice as a part of my routine for almost 2 years and my skin has never looked better. My before and after pictures are even on this website for proof! I struggled with really bad hormonal and cystic acne along my jawline and cheekbones as well as hairline. Chantel's products are my holy grail! She is so sweet and so helpful and it made me even more comfortable knowing that she herself struggled with acne. She has helped me every step of the way in making sure I am happy with my results. If I ever have a question or problem about anything she is always there to help. She really wants you to feel beautiful and confident in your skin. I have already recommended her to so many of my friends and family and would recommend her to anyone. Making the decision to finally go see Chantel saved my skin and really changed a big part of my life!
Christina Lucero
Will not be disappointed!! I have been coming to Chantel for almost a year and I have NEVER seen my skin look and feel so amazing! I came to Chantel after trying everything from dermatologist, drugstore, natural plant based products, etc. and none of them working at all. She really has done so much work from finding out acne safe products that go on your face to what you also are consuming. It is amazing how she guides you through the whole process and loves to see your results just as much as you do! I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who suffers from acne or wants glowing skin!